Sunday, September 24, 2006

TUTOR: Guitarist Tutorial for "Keep The Faith" from the "Stand Back" album and the "Heart-of-the-

Two live performances of the songs Single Shot and Keep the Faith, both of which use the blues melodies and harmonies from the Heart-of-the-Blues, which lays the foundation for guitarists wishing to master the entire fretboard. Single Shot repeats the same six licks in every playing position so players end up with a bagful of licks they can improvise with in any song with dominant harmony. Keep the Faith uses the same technique, but offers an alternative set of rock-style licks. The jam-mix tracks for these songs, which have only bass-and-drums so you can add your own guitar melodies, are both available free from GuitarMedia--just click on the Jam-with-Downloads button. Add your own guitar to our jam mix tracks and create your own songs, royalty free.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

0-MUSIC BOOKLET#2: Includes Fretboard Diagrams, Guitar Tablature and Tradtional Notation

Print out this PDF file with the sheet music, and put it on your music stand before listening to the other tracks from this free preview of the Heart-of-the-Blues#2--our entry-level series for guitarists, volume number two.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

1-INSTRUCTIONS#2: How to Use BluesGuitarist.Org's Introduction to Mastering the Fretboard Vol. 2

Here is track 1 from the Heart-of-the-Blues#2 where you will master the entire fretboard just by playing the song SingleShot. Print-out "0-MUSIC BOOKLET..." above and put it on your music stand so you can follow along. The music staves printed in the music booklet have both traditional music notation and guitar tablature showing a six-line staff picturing all six strings of the guitar with little numbers written on the lines to indicate which frets to hold down. Your basic strategy will be to follow along with the printed music in the music booklet while listening to the guitar part, then practice playing it yourself by jamming along with our guitarless jam-mix tracks. The next track to listen to after this is "2-Music_Theory" if that interests you, otherwise go straight to "3-Whole_Band" where you can listen to the entire band playing the song--this what you will sound like after mastering Single Shot.

Monday, September 04, 2006

2-MUSIC THEORY#2: Note-for-Note Theory Behind Alure of the "Minor Blues" in our Song SingleShot

Here is track 2, which has the music theory behind the minor-blues sound you'll master in the Heart-of-the-Blues#2. The minor-tone blues is the most common way of playing blues solos in rock, blues and jazz. Every American musician has a slow blues in their repreatoire, and after the Heart-of-the-Blues you will too. Each volume gives you another minor-tone lick, and here in volume number two this Music Theory track explains--note-for-note--how the first lick in Single Shot illustrates the minor blues sound. The next track to listen to is "3-WHOLE BAND" which is the most important track, since it has the whole band playing this SingleShot lick. This is what you will sound like (jamming with our backup band) after mastering Single Shot in the Heart-of-the-Blues.